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ELMS Rules - As of Nov 10, 2011
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The ELMS Contract:


1)I shall not post pornography.


2)I shall not post movie clips.


3)I shall not post links to any site that allows violations of Rule 1 or Rule 2.


4)I shall respect my fellow board members.


5)If I think someone is violating Rule 4, I shall bring the issue to yonderboy's attention.


6)I shall post in the appropriate sub-forums.


7)I shall post in English.


8)I shall not hijack or resurrect threads.


9)I shall not tell Niclas or yonderboy what their jobs are.


10)I shall not capitalize the y in yonderboy.






1)Seriously, do you need this explained?  If it's made by a porno studio, it's porn.  If it contains explicit sex, it's porn.  If it contains non-explicit or non-graphic-but-still-real sex, it's not porn.  I think we all know this.  Any questions, ask me via PM.


2)Do you know the difference between "movie" and "television show"?  If not... I'm not sure you should be on the internet in the first place.  If you're confused, then think "did it come out in theaters?".  If it did... it's a movie.  Now, there are some alleged areas of overlap.  I say alleged cuz it's obvious to me.  If it's made straight-to-DVD by Hollywood (or independent) studio and is feature-length, it's a movie.  If it's a made-for-TV movie, it's TV.  If it's a web-series, it's PROBABLY a TV show.  If it's a feature-length flick and is a single, contained item, released on the web... it's a movie.  C'mon guys, you know what's a movie and what isn't.  Screenshots of movies are fine, but don't try to bull**** your way around the rules.  35 screenshots of a 2 second kiss would be the same as posting a clip of the kiss.  Posting an animated gif of a kiss is the same as posting a clip.  If, however, the clip is released publicly by the studio (most common example is a trailer) then go ahead and post THAT away.  Any questions, ask me via PM.


3)Youtube, TECHNICALLY, doesn't allow movie clips or other copyright violations.  Just because there are a CRAPTON of copyright violations on YT doesn't prevent YT from being allowed.  So yeah, YT is perfectly acceptable.  Other sites do *NOT* have as strict rules as YT.  Linking to those sites is not allowed.  MENTIONING those sites is considered the same as linking to those sites.  Please put forth the effort to see if the site contains movie clips and other such disallowed content.  If I find disallowed content after, say, 10 seconds of looking... then I might be annoyed.  Your comment will DEFINITELY be edited appropriately (probably with a cough or two).  If it takes me, say, 5 minutes of digging deep to find something in an obscure section of an unused part of the archived sub-forum... well... trust me, I probably won't put forth that much effort.  Any questions, ask me via PM.


4)Basically... don't be a dick.  The standard rules apply.  And it's up to *ME* as to what is acceptable or not.  Often-times there will be a legitimate discussion where it's uncertain what's allowable.  I realize that it can sometimes be unclear in some situations, such as talking about the politics and ethics of homosexuality.  I will allow a BIT more leeway on this.  For example... talking about someone else's opinion in a thread about the politics of sexuality is acceptable, when done in a civil manner.  Talking about someone's opinion on homosexuality in a thread about a movie is *NOT* acceptable.  Unless, of course, the movie is about the politics of homosexuality and the person you're talking to has already offered their opinion.  Demanding to know someone's opinion is considered a personal attack on that person.  You do *NOT* have the right to know everyone's opinion on everything.  And it's up to me to determine what's acceptable and what's not.  I'm amazingly, shockingly, and incredibly fair tho, as any reasonable person will tell you.  How I handle violations, however, is also up to me.  I might warn you publicly in the thread as an example to everyone else as to what is and isn't acceptable.  I might send you a PM insisting that you behave.  I might send a PM to the other person to insist that they not relatiate in kind.  Again, it's all subjective and is all up to me.  I value input and I value community... thus it will be exceptionally rare that I stifle any discussion.  Any questions, ask me via PM.


5)Seriously, just send me a PM.  Don't say "This is an example of what yonder should be doing" or "See, yonder never does his friggin job" or something like that.  Again, I value community.  I love you guys (well, most of you).  I like when personality comes up.  So if you say something in a humorous manner, it'll probably be fine.  For example, if someone cusses out someone else, then saying "I think yonder is going to need some more cough drops soon" is perfectly fine.  I might give you a golden star if I'm feeling exceptionally generous.  No promises tho!  Any questions, ask me via PM... obviously.


6)The forums have titles for a reason.  Use them.  DON'T PM me if you have any questions.


7)I know English isn't everyone's native tongue.  But it *IS* the main language of the internet.  And it's definitely the main language of ELMS.  If you're a non-native speaker, I don't expect you to state "sorry if my English is bad, it's not my native tongue" every single time, but if you're trying to make a complex point and you know that you're coming across confusingly, it's considered polite to say so.  I can't speak for everyone, but I have MUCH more patience with miscommunication with someone who doesn't speak English natively.  And... of course... we appreciate the contributions from people of other nations and cultures.  Um... no need to PM me about that stuff tho... weirdo.  No PM'ing.


8)Some topics naturally lend themselves to discussion evolution.  Some don't.  If you're talking about Britney Spears going crazy... then it's perfectly natural to end up talking about Lindsay Lohan's fetish for going back to jail.  It happens.  But there's no reason to talk about the finer points of the plot of Gia in a thread about The L Word.  Well, bad example, but you get my drift.  And if the BritneySpearsIsCrazy thread goes *BACK* to talking about Britney and Lindsay hasn't been talked about in three weeks and 7 posts... please let the topic stay on Britney's insanity.  Again, it's all subjective.  Thread necromancy, however, is not.  We appreciate when people DON'T start new threads for existing topics.  But there's no need to resurrect an old thread if you don't contribute to it.  If you have news about an upcoming movie that hasn't been talked about in 2 years... then by all means post in the original thread.  If you want to say "That's Hot!" about a really hot clip in a two year old thread... Don't.  Necromancy is not terribly appreciated here.  No PM'ing.


9)Seriously.  Don't.  Don't tell me who to ban or kick or edit or censor or *HOW* do bankickeditcensor or any of that crap.  And don't whine and bitch about how often Niclas does or doesn't update the site.  There's a lot more going on here than you probably realize.  And if you *DID* realize how much work it was and had the ability to do better than Niclas, why don't you have your own site?  And no, we will *NOT* be changing our format.  ELMS is a unique site that does a specific job very, very, very well.  We aren't here to create lesbian content, just catalogue it.  If you want fluff and vlogs and daily updates and gossip, there are DOZENS of sites out there for you to enjoy.  We're not going to water down the #1 site for what we do just because some people don't like the fact that weeks and weeks sometimes go by between updates.  There are many reasons, other than the sheer work, for the variable infrequency of the updates.  Sometimes there's simply NOT THAT MUCH STUFF to update the site with.  Don't like that?  Go make lesbian scenes for us to update.  Another reason?  Sometimes we wait for a bighugeawesome movie/show to be released so that it can be included in the next update.  For example, we had enough stuff to make an update two weeks before Black Swan came out.  But everyone wanted Black Swan for obvious reasons.  So we waited til it was out, catalogued it, and included it in the next update so that Black Swan would be listed in the soonest possible update.  And yes, that's a combination of historical fact and hypothetical possibility.  So... hush.  Point being... we're doing our jobs as best we can.  Please do not PM me about it (or Niclas).  If you want to CONTRIBUTE that's great.  Go write a review about some of the thousands and thousands of shows and movies in the Encyclopedia.


10)I just wanted an even 10.  And my name is yonder, not Yonder.  Don't PM me about this.


yonder - Happily Retired ELMS Forum Moderator.

Quit bitching about the danged rules already!  PUH-LEEZ!

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